Tuesday 17 March 2015

Room 9's Visitor

On Wednesday the 18th of March we had a special visitor. Miss Burton's dog Inca came to hang out with us. We had lots of fun and enjoyed having her for the morning. 

First Celestina and the girls had a game of fetch.
Inca loves her tiny tennis ball and was chasing it all over Room 9! 

Then it was reading time. Ross decided to read Inca one of his books from his book box. Inca loves listening to stories!

Inca was very tired after her game of fetch so Mele and Sophia gave her some cuddles. 

It was finally time for Inca to go home. She enjoyed spending time with us and we can't wait to see her again sometime soon! 

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  1. Room 3 likes your funny funky class photo. We think it is awesome!!!